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…and the winner is GLADSTONE - AUSTRALIA!!!

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June 6th, 2023.
The International One Metre International Class Association (IOMICA) has officially announced, The Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) as the hosts of the International One Metre Class World Championships, to be held in Gladstone, Queensland, in October 2024.

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The Gladstone Radio Controlled Yacht Club (GRCYC) is a legacy to all our many members, past and present.
The GRCYC sails most Sundays (with the kind permission of the Gladstone Ports Corporation) to the right-hand side of the VMR building, on the commercial jetty in the Gladstone Marina. 

From a unique 'overwatch' position, sailors and spectators enjoy unrestricted views of the International One Meter class of yacht against a stunning Gladstone backdrop, While one-design yacht racing is fast-paced and competitive, sportsmanship and fair play have been at the heart of our club since it's 're-birth in 2005  

If you are interested, the GRCYC has a complimentary club boat to experience this challenging sport first-hand, come down and see members on site for details. 

New members and spectators are most welcome.

Our Mission: “To foster the love of sailing and the sport of radio controlled yachting”

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2019 05 26 - Observer Photo 14

Our Valued Sponsors

Since the time of dreaming, Koongo, place of water, Yallarm, place of shells, and its environs have been the home of our

First Nations peoples — the Bailai, Gurang, Gooreng Gooreng and Taribelang Bunda nations.

The GRCYC pays our respects to the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land and waters on which we sail.

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