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2021 Wrap: Competitive Club Racing and a new State Champ.

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

2021 has been another Covid ravaged 365 days, however, the club has been able to dodge lockdowns and sporting closures, competing most weekends,

with competitive scratch racing and even closer handicap races. And, if that wasn't enough, the year ended spectacularly with our Commodore claiming the Queensland IOM State Championship - a first for Aaron Farrar and for the Gladstone club. Read Aarons Full Story HERE

Scratch Series 1 was won by Aaron Farrar with Laurie Donohoe pushing him all the way in second and the ever improving Steve Bray made the best of his opportunities to finish in third - Full Results HERE

Scratch Series 2 was again won by Aaron, with a dominant display. Scoring does favour those that turn up each week, but you can't argue the amount of 'bullets' collected by Aaron in this series, finishing an astonishing 51 points in front of second placed Laurie Donohoe and third placed Ian Mackay with his Kantun design showing more and more pace each week. Full Results HERE

Scratch Series 3

was an opportunity for other skippers to claim the scratch series prize with Aaron travelling to state-based comps and taking some extra time off, and sure enough, the suitors pounced. Steve Bray had his V10 Wasp wound up over the series and as much as Laurie Donohoe and Grant Cooper with TanSenshi tried, they could not close the gap and they finished second & third respectively. Full results HERE Handicap Series 1 was a close event for the top two placings. Aaron Farrar's BritPop was always making ground on those starting before, and the ever reliable Laurie Donohoe and his Whittler kept ticking over the wins and high places across the series. In the end - only 3 points separated the pair, with Aaron taking top honors and Laurie 2nd in from of a fast finishing Ian Mckay's with Tomato Sloop in third. Full results HERE.

Handicap Series 2 saw the emergence of a serious contender in the Handicap stakes, with Steve Langer's V11 'Skewiff' posting a lot of firsts over the series. Unfortunately for Steve, he would sometimes polarise his firsts with a few back of the fleet positions, which allowed the more consistent Laurie Donohoe and The Whittler to slip past Steve in the last few races of the year, claiming the series win. Steve finished only 6 points behind Laurie, reinforcing every race counts. In what was the closest series of the year Aaron Farrar finished only a further 4 points back in third. Full results HERE.

Handicap Series 3 ended up being a reward for tenacity and hard work, with Greg Flintham's Moonraker Again posting regular top three scores to squeeze past this year's most dedicated, Laurie Donohoe & The Whittler 7 points adrift. As in the first series, Ian Mckay couldn't quite get the job done and finished in the bronze medal position. Full results HERE.

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