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Major Sponsor announced for International One Metre World Championships in October 2024

Gladstone, Queensland: Excitement fills the air as Gladstone gears up to host the prestigious International One Metre World Championships this October. The Gladstone Regional Council has proudly announced itself as the event's major sponsor.

The announcement follows a successful application by the IOM World Working Group to the Council's Community Investment Program. The proposal, aiming to bring the world-class sailing championship to Gladstone, was met with unanimous approval by councillors at a recent meeting. This substantial support from the Council underscores their dedication to promoting sports tourism and showcasing Gladstone as a premier destination for state, national and international event.s.

The Council's funding will serve as a crucial foundation for the championship, covering various logistical and operational aspects essential for hosting such a prestigious event. From venue preparation to marketing initiatives, the sponsorship ensures that Gladstone can provide an exceptional experience for competitors and spectators.

However, the Council's support is just one piece of the puzzle. The success of hosting the International One Metre World Championships relies heavily on the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders within the Gladstone community. Small to medium-sized businesses and major industry players have eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to the event's success.

Local businesses have shown incredible support through sponsorships, providing resources, and participating in promotional activities to elevate the championship's profile. Their involvement highlights the community's spirit of unity and demonstrates the economic benefits of hosting such events, stimulating local business activity and driving tourism revenue. Moreover, some of Gladstone's major industries have supported the championship. These key players recognise the event's potential to showcase Gladstone's vibrant culture, stunning natural landscapes, and world-class facilities on a global stage. Their participation underscores the importance of collaboration between local government, businesses, and industry in fostering community development and promoting Gladstone as a dynamic and welcoming destination.

The event promises thrilling sailing action, cultural exchange, and camaraderie as participants and visitors immerse themselves in Gladstone's unique hospitality and charm. The countdown continues to October 2024, when the world descends on Gladstone!

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