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Season 2020

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Off-season maintenance is almost complete, the calendar has been set and the rescue dingy has had her bum cleaned – it must be a new season! This season is looking very healthy for the club with 13 members now on the books, each member preparing to sail regularly this year.

Brand new members Steve Langer and Les English have been bitten by the RC Yachting bug and after purchasing their second hand IOM’s, their initial introductory period of being nurtured by all members – but particularly stalwarts Aaron and Laurie has come to an end – the trainer wheels are now off.

Season 2020 will also see an old (emphasis on old) member back in the ranks. One of our colourful characters, John Matthews, has signalled his return to sailing after work and family commitments had him out of the sport for a few years. It won’t be long and John will be passing on his valuable knowledge to anyone willing to listen.😉

If you have been thinking about breaking your Netflix habit and getting a new hobby/sport then radio-controlled sailing could be for you. Radio sailing is more than a competitive sail on a Sunday with other friendly enthusiasts, it’s a hobby at home too. There is an amount of maintenance required and tinkering to be done, that is both interesting learning and fun (sure beats staring into a computer or TV!)

But don’t just think about it. The GRCYC some time ago invested in a club boat, which is ready to go for anyone that would like to experience the sport without having to outlay for a yacht immediately. It’s a great introduction with no obligations or commitments necessary. Just get in contact with the club through email and let us know when you are free to come down. We sail most Sundays, check our racing calendar on our website and come on down to have a sail, just to the right of VMR at the Gladstone Marina.

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