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Future is bright for the GRCYC

The futures so bright – we’ve got to wear shades… (hows that song go?)

The GRCYC has never been stronger with active sailing members thanks to a new member and an old returning one – both with spectacular new yachts.

Foundation member and longtime GRCYC Secretary Grant Cooper surprised the club, after a couple of years out of racing from chasing kids around rep sports, walking into weekend sailing unannounced with a brand new Ian Vickers designed ‘V10’ out of New Zealand called Tan-Senshi (Japanese for Little Warrior).

While the clubs recent ‘Come & Try Day’ yielded a new enthusiastic member -Graeme Aldridge – who turned up with his brand new Tim Brown built AKA design last weekend after a short time training with the available club yacht.

“My wifeheard about the ‘Come and Try Day’ on the radio and since I had given up playing golf every Saturday due to a knee injury, she said we should go and have a look,” said Graeme. “After Commodore Aaron put the controls in my hand for a quick go…  two hours later my wife said to me – I’ve created a monster haven’t I – and here I am, with a new boat, racing every Sunday and loving it!”

The new red AKA hasn’t been named yet but has already shown it’s going to be fast,

taking this weekend’s handicap event, by countback from another new member Greg Flintham (with another unnamed boat – perhaps theses something in this!)

“All the guys were so helpful and I have taken in a lot of information, different tips and were all only too happy to help out, with special thanks to Laurie for setting me up with the club boat and basically making sure it right for me to sail each week while I was waiting to buy my own.”

So… with an unused club boat ready to go now – who’s next!

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