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Dramatic 2014 Series 3 Scratch decider.

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

In a dramatic come from behind victory Grant Cooper sailing The Spudge edged out Aaron Farrar NOT sailing his Pikanto design Grungle in the last race of the season with Steve Bray sailing his new Goth design Assagai falling into third . Farrar had set up a sizeable lead going into the last weekend of racing that he unfortunately could not attend due to family commitments, however, Cooper who had already had a two weekends away in the series would need numbers to fall his way to steal the series.

With Bray, Cooper and Farrar all trading firsts in the series, it was always going to be close and with Farrar not sailing it meant all three had missed the same amount of races too. With 7 boats competing in the final weekend a DNC carried 9 points, meaning Farrar had to discard all of the five scratch races but this also meant he had to cop some 7 point races in his score which ended up being the difference.  When all the dust settled and discards counted The Spudge had finished only two points ahead of Grungle and Assagai a further 6 points back.

For full results see HERE

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