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Commodore ‘V’ Secretary Season Opener

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The 2015 GRCYC started this weekend with the traditional Commodore ‘V’ Secretary team racing day. Seven Yachts made the rig up area but when Ian Mackay’s Tomato Sloop wouldn’t boot up and then Steve Bray decided to give his transmitter a wash in the sea water (oops!) the other 5 got to the starting line.

On the Commodores Team was the Commodore himself Tony Zussino with TnT, Aaron Farrar with Grungle and Steve Bray with his new Assagai. 

On the Secretary’s team was Grant Cooper with The Spudge, Ian Mackay with (salvaged) Guru, John Matthews with New Warbird and Phil Brown with Jetblack. Only the top three boats on each team would count, so the Secretaries team DID have an advantage.

The Secretaries got off to a flyer and had four team wins in the first five races but the Commodores hit back with the next two. Hate to do it…. but…if there was a single moment that swung the momentum of the match back to the Secretaries, in the crucial 9th match, with the Commodores holding positions that would securing a win to make it 4-5 and take it to a decider.. Tony ‘skimmed’ the final buoy allowing Pill to sneak through and handing the match to the Secretaries by one point!!!

It ended up being a 7-3 win in the end and … a lot of fun.

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