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And that’s a wrap…..

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

2019 has come to a close at the GRCYC with close racing and even closer results… well in Handicap that is.

Aaron Farrar showed why he is Gladstone’s number one IOM sailor with a dominant performance in the third and final scratch series of the year, finishing 64 points in front of a gallant Laurie Donohoe sailing ‘The Whittler’ into second and Graeme Aldridge sailing ‘The Red Baron’ a further 10 points back in third. Aaron’s feat of scoring only 47 points in 40 races (10 discards) is quite astonishing considering the improving competition he gets each week.

Aaron Farrar (34) covers the fleet in the recent CQ Titles

In the third and final Handicap Series of the year, however, things were much tighter. Greg Flintam sailing ‘Moonraker’ was 7 points clear in first place with only 5 races to go, with many thinking (including the author of this report) that he was home and hosed. Well, the scores came in (including one extra discard) and Greggo was pipped at the post by an incredibly fast-finishing Laurie Donohoe with ‘Whittler’. Laurie sailed out of his skin, placing three seconds and a third (dropping a seventh) to sneak home by just two points over Greg who managed two forths and fifth and a sixth (also dropping a seventh). Aaron Farrar sailed into third in the handicap a further 12 points back.

Handicap Winners 2019:

Series 1: Aaron Farrar – Grungle Series 2: Red Barron – Graeme Aldridge Series 3: Laurie Donohoe – The Whittler

Scratch Winners 2019

Series 1: Aaron Farrar – Grungle Series 2: Laurie Donohoe – The Whittler Series 3: Aaron Farrar – Grungle

Looking forward to seeing you all in 2020.

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