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Aldridge dominates last two series of the year

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

In a feat that has rarely been seen in the clubs history, a new skipper to RC sailing has gone ‘back to back’ in the last two club handicap series of his first year.

Graeme Aldridge sailing his new AKA design ‘Red Barron’ has sailed tight and consistent, becoming better each race meet and showing more

experienced sailors his transom, especially in the windy stuff. Graeme held off Commodore Aaron Farrar and seasoned veteran Phil Brown to win S2 while in S3, Graeme’s main opposition was from Greg Flintham and Laurie Donahoe.

Find all historical Handicap results HERE

In other results, Our Scratch S2 Champion was the speed machine himself, Aaron Farrar, sailing ‘Grungle’, well ahead of Laurie Donohoe’s Blitz-3 ‘Whittler’ in second and Grant Coopers V-10 ‘Tan Senshi’ third. The BritPop skipper didn’t have it all his own way through with Steve Bray sailing his V10 designed ‘Wasp’ into first place in S3 beating Farrar by only 2 points with Laurie Donohoe in the bronze medal position.

Find all historical Scratch results HERE

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