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Newbie takes first series of 20/18

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Greg Flintham has taken the first handicap series of 2018, one of the closest on record, with only 5 points separating the top three yachts after 45 races.

Laurie Donohoe sailing ‘Whittler’ was only one point back on total score, but 4 points back on net, while Aaron Farrar’s ‘Grungle’ missed the silver by a solitary point. Greg, who only started sailing late last year, surprised all by turning up with a shiny new Britpop only months after showing interest in the sport and has been on a steady learning curve since then. Handicap racing rewards the most consistent sailors and Gregs ‘pointy end of the fleet’ consistency showed through in the back half of the series, only dropping two races in the last 31 sailed!!

Winning a series in your first year is a fantastic accomplishment and if enthusiasm is the key – Greg has a few more series wins in him.

Check out all the series one result HERE

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