New Launching Pontoon A Step Closer

Ever since time began, launching our IOM yachts in the marina has been less than perfect.It’s a bit of a ‘hike’ to make any fine tuning adjustments to the marina finger at the extremity of the
course not to mention the time it takes while all other competitors patiently wait. So, our yachties have braved the ‘drop off’ from the walkway to the shoreline and then taken their lives into their own hands navigating the slippery mud to save time & effort.The GRCYC have been pleading with the Gladstone Ports Corporation for the past 8 years to see if something could be done about it… but understandably, anything was cost prohibitive…. until NOW. Due to a little ‘oversight’ our LNG companies have had an excess of floating pontooning, which a great local by the name of Jeff Amos salvaged for local charitable & sporting organisations – such as ours.Hearing of this, the committee raced out and put a claim on some, in the hope that future negotiations with the GPC could net an approval and an agreement for a location.As of a few weeks ago, initial approval was granted based on some more legal & technical information gathered for the agreement.This is a great step forward and recently we sailed at the proposed location in Spinnaker Park, just to see how it felt. We were joined by John, Glenn & Yeoman from the Bundaberg Sailing Club for a wonderful afternoon. Even though the sun is going to pose a small problem as it bounces off the water when sailing in the more northern course area, the location got a thumbs up with great rigging area, water on tap for washing boats, close amenities and even BBQ facilities.Thanks to all the members for keeping this dream alive and keep watching this space for more news as it comes to hand.