IOM’s For Sale

If you’re looking to get into this great sport – we recomend you talk to us first before making any purchase. 

The GRCYC sails IOM class yachts and the Australian National Website for all RC Yachts is the best place to go and look for second hand IOM’s for sale. Remember, we have a basic guide for buying IOM’s in our Frequent Questions section of this site.

For pre-loved IOM’s 4-sale – Click HERE 

New boats.

There are also a few Australian boat builders that will build brand new ones (there could be some long waits though – make sure you check on delivery times…) These are by no means the only designers but are proven winners.

(Boat Builders: Feel free to contact us if you would like your designs featured here.)

Mirage Radio Yachts – The all new PANDA

Mirage have decided to design a new boat based on ideas that incorporated in some of the past designs but also took a slightly different tack.

What evolved is a design that will be something that will suit all conditions but also at its peak in A rig, which in most areas is the rig used most of the time. Slightly fuller in the bow with rounded sections and the stern is also a bit wider.

Vickers RC Sailing

The V10 is the Latest IOM Design from Vickers RC Sailing. It is a small tweak of the successful V9 with a longer bulb and a shot of volume into the hull topsides forward of the mast. Its another small step toward  the ultimate fast and friendly race yacht that excels through the entire wind range with no vices.

Frank Russell Designs

Frank designs and makes an array of different radio controlled yachting classes. Recently Frank has designed Ellipsis IOM and Built by ARS composite Freelancer the boat is very high standard and light.  Contact frank for further details

BG Designs (UK)

1998, BG sails, designs and products have proven themselves to be highly competitive within any competition from club through to world championship level.

‘BritPOP’ is the culmination of many hours testing over 14 differing design elements on a supplied Reggae/Ska hull platform throughout 2010.

The ‘POP’ is essentially a modified BritPOP hull taken from our original plug and made a little narrower. Bow sections were changed a little with a higher stem height and foredeck. It has been a useful tool to learn more about the successful BritPOP hull form with an eye on future design performance gains.

Please note: Yacht designs change regularly and it’s hard for us to keep up with all the new ones on this page. Have a look around these desingers – but there are others. Before you buy, speak to the members of the GRCYC and we will guide you in the right directions as making the wrong decisions can be costly.